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Circular center Table

A Solid brass legs coffee table inspired by the lines of a compass and repeated around the perimeter of base. Clear glass top over colored glass lens. Coffee table is a style of low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs for convenient support of beverages and decorative objects or other small items to be used. Glass coffee tables can be used in apartments and offices that have confined spaces. You may need to look up for trending designs. However, this glass coffee table will help you save on space, improve the usability of your living room. Item code: IMW-20-FST02

Moon phase nesting table

These Nesting tables are one of the most useful and flexible furnishings. These can neatly stack together to give a small space in your home appear larger. When needed, the tables can be unstacked and hold drinks, food, or things you are using while doing work from home. This contract grade item is manufactured to meet the demands of commercial use in addition to residential.
  • Metal base
  • Marble topsSet of 3
Item code: IMW-20-FNT01

Rod Round glass coffee table

Enjoy long conversations with your loved ones while sipping the hot cup of coffee. This round coffee table from the International luxury collection can add a touch of luxury to any home. This gold rimmed table features two beveled glass shelves, metal construction and bronze glossy finish on all sides making it a versatile fit for the living room. The bottom self is a great place to store reading materials such as books, magazines, newspaper etc Item code: IMW-20-FST01

Rod Round luxury dinning table

This Rod Round Luxury Dining Table features a rose gold polished s. steel base with clear tempered glass top. Historically, dining tables were set up with the head of the household at the very head of the table to show their authority. These days, family dinner time tends to be a bit more casual..
  • Round dinning tables are easier to get in and out of your seat.
  • Creates a more intimate setting.
  • Great dining table solutions for small spaces.
  • Better for board games or card games due to the common center.
Item code: IMW-20-FDT01